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6 Beauty Instagram Filters: The Key To Capturing Moments and Emotions

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Are you one of those brands that haven't started using this major marketing technique yet?

Instagram AR filters are a great way to grow your brand right now, organically, through virality and network effect - making it the buzz and thrill of all things Social Media Marketing.

You can have Instagram filters for your own brand and share them on your stories, highlights, and reels! Your followers will use your filters themselves and then share it with their audience. Your followers will become your brand ambassadors, thus giving you 10s of millions of impressions and 5x engagement.


Don't believe us?

500+ million people use Instagram stories & reels, thus making Instagram filters have a 450%+ higher engagement rate over traditional branding.

However, most of the brands haven't had a chance to work with social media AR yet, and so understanding and launching your own Instagram filters and measuring the ROI can be a challenge.


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Why Instagram Beauty Filters?

Instagram Beauty filters are the go-to choice for most users. Getting your own beauty filters can take your brand to the next level by fetching 2x the amount of leads.

Your audience will use these filters to upload stories and reels, thus spreading your brand's message for you. Get these filters for your own brand today, and have your audience engaged with your content like never before.

How many times has it been that you have been constantly browsing beauty Instagram filters and still couldn’t find the perfect match for you? Check out our list:


1. Panduto by @satriabenii

This is a one-stop filter for all your needs, especially if you’re someone who loves bright colors, and yet do not want your pictures to look too flowy. This filter makes your skin look flushed and smooth, thus allowing you to just have the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics, and beauty.

2. Barbed by @barb.ed

This one gives you a fun trippy look while making your picture look beautiful, and stunning, overall. It also adds a slight blur to the subject, while the pinkish-purple background hives it a general disc vibe.


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3. Love crown by @niningxx

If you’re someone who loves Instagram filters and the smooth skin look that they give you, this has to be your favorite. It gives you a soft blush accompanied by regular smoothening of the skin, and little pink hearts on your forehead, thus multiplying your cuteness multifold.


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4. Freshly Warm by @amandastatic_

As the name suggests, this Instagram filter gives one a fresh warm look, just the perfect amount of subtle and adorable that you need.

5. Natural by @marinaruybarbosa

This is my go-to filter of all times and therefore, you have to give it a try! It gives you a very ingenious natural appearance without any extra blush or highlighters. It further has two sub-filters, one without grain, and one with grain. Both are equally remarkable and pleasant.

6. Good Skin V.2 by @dingmintt

This one again gives you a natural blush appearance. It further comes with six options with varied highlighters, and face makeup options.


So, what are you waiting for?

Come out of your traditional gaming zone and experiment with the world of Instagram game filters. Do let us know your personal favorite. In fact, you can come up with your own top 10 and mail it to us. We’ll feature it in the upcoming blogs if we really really like it.

And if you are a brand marketer, you don't want to miss out on millions of impressions and 5x engagement now, do you? Don't overthink this one, give us a call right now!


About the author:

Annanya is a Literature student at Lady Shri Ram. With writing and content creation being her passion, she's also an avid reader and takes delight in constructive debates on almost anything and everything, including politics, philosophy, feminism, and mental health. She has worked with 12+ brands and publications and has bylines in TOI, Live Wire, AIESEC, and DU Beat. You can reach out to her via email, Instagram, Twitter.

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