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8 Travel Vlogs of 2021: Where Wilderness Meets Wanderlust

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Travel calms the soul, and helps one breathe! You can be anyone, anywhere, with complete strangers: just keeping all your stresses and anxiety at bay for a while, and just travel and explore so as to find yourself in the lap of all things adventurous, and rejuvenating. When wanderlust gives you a call and wilderness becomes your one-stop destination: you are a travel person at heart.

While the process can be adventurous for some, it is therapeutic for others. Are you someone who likes all things travel, too? Then, this is the place for you. Notwithstanding if you're just starting out or have already aced the skill, we have curated just the perfect list of the wildest travel vlogs of 2021 that you need to check out right now.

1) Varun Vagish (Mountain Trekker @varunvagish)

Varun Vagish aka Mountain Trekker is an Indian content creator and traveler. With 1+ million subscribers on YouTube, his channel is all about travel tips, hacks, dos, and don't. He has been following his wanderlust for the last 15 years. Now he is a full-time traveler, vlogger/blogger. He was also bestowed with the National Award by the Government of India for the promotion of tourism.

Varun uses the power of storytelling as an art to bring people from diverse backgrounds together. The themes in his vlogs revolve around the socio-economic fabric of a place, eco-friendly tourism, exploring cultural and linguistic pluralities with experiential learning. The goal is to aware and empower people about the role of the travel and tourism industry to curate budget-friendly travel plans and promote living an aesthetic, conscious, and rustic life. He has inspired thousands to come out of their comfort zone and explore the world as it is.


Our founder & creative director, Ayush Wadhwa has made videos in the travel & lifestyle space for leading brands like Jio Studios, GoPro, ThomasCook, etc. Check out his work!


2) Tanya Khanijow (@tanyakhanijow)

Tanya Khanijow is a digital travel content creator, vlogger and filmmaker. With over 600k followers on YouTube and 238k on Instagram, she takes you on epic adventures and travel stories that will make you travel vicariously and leave you wanting more from life! She has become a professional travel content creator through social entrepreneurship. Her wilderness never lets her rest.

3) Yatri Doctor (@navankurchaudhary)

Navankur Chaudhary aka Yatri Doctor started traveling in October 2017, but didn't know where it would end. With about 697k subscribers on YouTube and over 51k followers on Instagram, Yatri Doctor has been winning our hearts ever since then. He has constantly been on the hunt for good places and winsome memories.

4) Ankit Bhatia (@ankitbhatiafilms)

"I want to travel the world and film it."

With 500k subscribers on YouTube and 460k followers on Instagram, Ankit is a filmmaker at heart. He also loves making filmmaking tutorials, and reviews on camera equipment. He usually documents everything, from places to visit to food to hop on in his videos, so that anyone planning a trip may make full use of it.


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5) Aakash Malhotra (@wanderwithsky)

A travelpreneur and a blogger, Aakash Malhotra aka Wander With Sky has a crush on the world. Driven by passion, deep knowledge, adventures, and thrill, he has by far traveled to 40 countries and is on a pursuit to travel the world.

He travels internationally for a stretched period experiencing each destination like a local while operating his startup in Digital Advertising and Consulting remotely. An adventurer at heart, he has been creating engaging travel content sharing his journey while wandering the world. He was also listed as “10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Consultant – 2019” – ConsultantReview.

6) Sharanya Iyer (@trulynomadly)

Hello there and welcome to my blog! My name is Sharanya, and I’m an Indian native and resident, who has finally found a definition for herself that fully satisfies her- Traveler. (‘Confused’ was the undisputed winner before that!)

An experienced blogger and travel writer with a demonstrated history of working in the travel & tourism industry, Sharanya documents her experiences and adventures on the road of her blog and on her social media handles.

She pitched and executed a Travel IP called Caravan Chronicles, including a 1-month long caravanning trip in Sikkim which was documented as a 5 part Web Series on YouTube.


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Her ultimate aim is to keep traveling and creating wholesome content and strike a chord with travelers and dreamers. She believes that everyone CAN travel, despite the many struggles life/work/school throws at you. Her blog is an endeavor to record and share her experiences, advice, tips, and tricks with a larger community, in the hope that someone, somewhere, might be inspired along the way.

7)Ayush Dinker (Ethereal @ethereal.colours)

Ethereal is about: a combination of fact-finding, storytelling, and trying to get at larger questions about the human condition.

Ayush founded Ethereal back in December 2011. The platform primarily entails anything and everything about films and video content, pertaining to reality, culture, society, history, nature, travel, science, and presenting them before you the world in a whole new personal way.

Ayush has also handled projects all over the country and my works have been published and recognised by over a dozen major media houses within the country. He intends to use films as a means to engage in a dialogue with the audience.

8) Hey Nadine (@heynadine)

One of the top travel vloggers on YouTube, Nadine travels the world and shares her experiences and travel expertise through her videos. Her travel credentials include over 55+ countries visited, all photographed and recorded on video over the last 10 years, and shared to her over 480,000+ subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Whether you’re new to travel or a seasoned globetrotter, be sure to check out her content which is full of advice, hacks, and adventures to help and inspire your next trip!


About the author:

Annanya is a Literature student at Lady Shri Ram. With writing and content creation being her passion, she's also an avid reader and takes delight in constructive debates on almost anything and everything, including politics, philosophy, feminism, and mental health. She has worked with 12+ brands and publications and has bylines in TOI, Live Wire, AIESEC, and DU Beat. You can reach out to her via email, Instagram, Twitter.

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