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8 Viral Instagram AR Filters: Don't Miss Out on This Major Branding Technique

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Why miss out on this major branding technique when you could easily get 2x the amount of leads?

Instagram AR filters are a great way to grow your brand right now, organically, through virality and network effect!


Don't believe us?

500+ million people use Instagram stories & reels, thus making Instagram filters have a 450%+ higher engagement rate over traditional branding.

It helps your brand grow organically and increase its shareability by 4x compared to traditional marketing channels - making it the buzz and thrill of all things Social Media Marketing.

However, most of the brands haven't had a chance to work with social media AR yet, and so understanding and launching your own Instagram filters and measuring the ROI can be a challenge.


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What is it about AR filters?

This viral marketing tool transforms your audience from just a passive recipient of content to an active participant in the same.

Thus, they not only start resonating with your brand on a personal level but also spread your brand's message for you. Get these filters for your own brand today, and have your audience engage with your content like never before.

Given the reach of Instagram AR filters, they help your brand identity with a larger audience and resonates with most of the young viewers out there.

Here, we have listed some of the most catchy AR filters that can help you understand what kind of content can really give your brand, the apt recognition, and creativity that it needs:


1. Poster by @demiandrou

This Instagram filter allows you to take a selfie in a rainbow background. It removes the background that you currently have and inserts its own default background instead giving you a much-needed poster look.

2. Rainbow outline by @alivia49

As the name suggests, this filter allows you to have a rainbow-colored outline to your body. The background remains the same, and what you get as a result is a low-key and yet cool ready-to-post photograph.

3. Plastic by @ccssiano

Are you someone who is constantly on the hunt for something cool yet aesthetic? If yes, then this filter is here for your rescue. It takes your picture in an old-school black and white polaroid manner.

Its texture makes your photograph look recyclable as if it has straight been printed out. It has further sub-filters, with different combinations of cellophane and tape on your photograph to make it look real, old-school, and aesthetic. Old-school never really grows old now, does it?


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4. Akbackoteka by @why.not.say

This one has to be my favorite. It places your body in a bluish-green background and multiples the subject threefold. The cool element comes in when it is accompanied by its inbuilt hippy music in the background which automatically excites one to start dancing on their toes. If that’s not already amazing enough, it has 9 different sub-filters to choose from, which are differentiated by the music that plays in the background.

5. Diamond Frame by @instagram

It gives multiple neon diamond frames to your subject, thus making your portrait look really cool! Use this filter on a dull low-key background and pose like a monk, and you should be good to go, hahh.


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6. Slowmotion by @princex_13

You must have tried your phone’s default slow-motion feature, however, this filter is not that typical. It instead holds on to one instance, thus giving you a blurry effect. Pretty cool, right?

7. Ice-cream by @barb.ed

This filter provides your photograph with a pinkish hue all over, which in turn, makes your picture look really cool and fancy! If you want to go for something bright yet aesthetic, this one works the best.

8. Tiktok songs+zoom by @burrito_20

This one gives you really cool Tiktok songs to dance on while you photograph yourself in an old-school television manner.

What are you waiting for, then? Go check out these filters if you haven't already, and contact us if you want to organically take your brand to the next level - achieving 10s of millions of impressions!


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