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How to Hack Your Instagram Growth in 2021

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Instagram is the place where your existing and potential customers hang out. Building a robust Instagram presence have multiple benefits. However, identifying your niche, building your user base, and having a robust Instagram strategy can be an extremely challenging task.

There really is no way to "hack" your growth. You have to constantly put in efforts, and eventually, you reach a tipping point when your growth increases exponentially.

There are these key pointers that we have curated especially for you. If you follow this, you will be able to expand your follower base exponentially in no time.

Magic of Username

At all costs, avoid having a username that is extremely confusing, say with a lot of full stops or underscores. One of the most basic things to keep in mind is that at least one is able to spell your username.

For instance, @ayush.w can still be difficult to grasp, and therefore, it was simplified to @ayushwadhwa: which, in turn, became much easier to pronounce as well as write it down without any unnecessary jargons. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a clean username that people can easily understand.

Writing your BIO

The second most important thing to take care of, after your username is your bio for it’s one of the foremost things that somebody visiting your profile would notice. So, it has to be very well-curated, concise, and crisp. It’s rather hilarious how some people would just put a quote or a meme in their bio.

Your bio should contain the following: what do you do, and the type of content your audience should expect from you.

If you want to showcase certain links on your profile, you can use applications such as Linktree. The links can be of anything: your YouTube channel or your Twitter handle or maybe, your website. Since Instagram only allows you to showcase just one link, using services like Linktree not only allows you to showcase multiple links but also gives an overall cleaner look to your profile.

Make sure that your bio is well-structured. For instance, one method would be to have all the emojis on one side and to have it written in words on its side. If you write a joke, for instance, it doesn’t necessarily tell anything about you as a person. When someone goes through your profile, every step should offer some form of context. What do you do, what you offer, what is the kind of impact that you or your content creates: mention all this very clearly in your bio.

Actual CONTENT on your account

One of the most common mistakes that you can make is to post any random content; from food, photos to travel selfies when all this while your account was about, say, make-up. If a creator has built a relationship with their audience and is at 500k followers, it makes sense for them to do this because then, their followers are not just following them for their content but for that relationship as well.

When you’re growing and building, however, it doesn’t make sense to post randomly. Identify your niche, your target group: whom you are making your content for, and who is willing to see and follow that content.

Therefore, when you create content that is all over the place, it creates a disconnect with the audience. There still are a lot of people who create all types of content, who do a lot of different things, and still, it works. That comes at an advanced stage, however.

Therefore, it’s very important to drive your content within a niche: to have a targeted group for whom you are making your content.

AESTHETICS you should maintain

Instagram is a visual platform. It contains various features: stories, filters, videos, boomerangs, IGTV, reels, posts, and much more. It is very important to have a visually pleasing feed. Video plays an important role, everybody is posting videos now, the retention and reach of the videos are way better than photos.

And let’s loop you in on a little secret: there is this amazing cost-free video editing platform that is easy to use, and you don’t even need a powerful phone or computer to use it. It’s called Invideo using which you can easily make some really really cool stories, intros, outros, posts, video advertisements.

Having high-quality videos and contempt on your social media pages is extremely important and using Invideo, you can make such content very easily. They have 4000+ templates to choose from, even if you’re not well-versed with video editing. For instance, you have released a new video on YouTube and you want an Instagram post for that. You can just customise one of their templates, and download it with absolute ease. You can replace the default footage with yours, add stock photos and music.

Posts with Captions that Interact with Audience

It is extremely important to make content that is easy to interact with. You’ll find a lot of people constantly asking for more likes, shares, and saves. When you interact with somebody’s post, the Instagram algorithm knows that this is an engaging post, so it makes it to the top of your feed.

Hence, it’s very important to increase the number of interactions in your post. There are multiple kinds of interactions: comments, shares, likes, saves. However, a lot of people post content that is not easy to interact with.

For instance, if you post a selfie, someone may comment “hey, nice picture!” or if you put up a picture of a street: how can someone comment on it? So, when people make content that is hard to interact with, and then expect that people would react to that, there is a slight disconnect.

Therefore, it’s very important to make content that people can interact with. Or, if you can’t make content that people can interact with, curate your caption very carefully in such a way that it tells a story: your story.

When you’re telling that story, include something like “okay, this is my story, do you face something similar?” or “hey, these are my favorite movies, tell me yours”.

You, then, have a very clear CTA (Call to Action) where you’re giving your audience some context and are asking a question. In order to start a conversation, one needs to ask the question: when you ask this question is when the interaction happens.

Make your Content Shareable

Increasing shareability of the content is one of the most important interactions because when somebody shares your video, that video is visible to their followers as well. Hence, increasing the number of shares is extremely important.

So, how to really go about making content that is shareable? Think on the lines of what kind of content would you share and comment on. Now, this contains certain concepts and factors that should be kept in mind.

First of all, people love entertainment, so if you make them laugh, or if there is music involved, if there is something funny or there is an interesting story that’s going on that you are narrating, then people share it. Such is the content that people would share with their friends that this is what they discovered and this is what they like.

Power of Instagram FILTERS

Instagram filters are one thing that a lot of brands and creators are not using in the first place. The organic reach of Instagram filters is crazy, but people are not harnessing their power. They have such good each that we have seen millions of impressions without any promotions.

It’s really easy to make a basic filter, there are a lot of tutorials available on YouTube for you to access. When somebody records a video on their story using your filter, you can ask them to tag you on that story, thus increasing the shareability of your account. You can reach out to a lot of creators that “Hey, I’ve made this filter. If you like it, could you possibly make a story on this and tag me? It would really help me grow my profile.”

And even if not that, whenever somebody makes a video using your filter, the name of the filter is displayed on the top, and if you click on that, you can visit the profile of the person who has made it.

And when they will see that you do a tonne of other stuff, you have such beautiful content that you have created using Invideo, and you have so many value-adding entertaining things on your profile, they will give you a follow.

Blow up with REELS

By this point, everyone knows that making reels give you great organic reach. But really reel trends are the one thing that is blowing up, increasing your followers exponentially. Just go follow the trend without asking any questions. We are not saying that you have to be a part of every trend even though you can’t relate to it. It’s not necessary that you do the exact same thing, you can just take the template and structure, and make a video on that.

For instance, if you want to do the ‘How did I go from this to this?’, and you have a photography page, for instance, you can simply make a video on how did my photography go from this to this when actually, the trend was for people who had stark body transformations, from being this to this.

There are a lot more things that can take your Instagram o the next level. We are also making a bunch of courses that will help you make your follower base grow tremendously, and also learn how to do your content right which will give you amazing results sooner or later, and then you’ll get all the followers that you have always wanted. Stay tuned for further updates!


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