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Top 10 Instagram Filters For Selfies: The Branding Formula That You Need

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Are you missing out on this one major branding technique that very few brands are focusing on?

Instagram AR filters are a great way to grow your brand right now, organically, through virality and network effect!

Don't believe us? - 500+ million people use Instagram stories & reels, thus making Instagram filters have a 450%+ higher engagement rate over traditional branding.

It helps your brand grow organically and increase its shareability by 4x compared to traditional marketing channels - making it the buzz and thrill of all things Social Media Marketing.

However, most of the brands haven't had a chance to work with social media AR yet, and so understanding and launching your own Instagram filters and measuring the ROI can be a challenge.


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Instagram has become a hub of some of the most amazing content creators, fashion bloggers, and influencers who are constantly on the path of presenting their followers with some of the most beautiful moments of their lives. And capturing those moments becomes a whole lot easier when you are a novice and want to avoid the hassle of editing your photographs.

This viral marketing tool transforms your audience from just a passive recipient of content to an active participant in the same. Thus, they not only start resonating with your brand on a personal level but also spread your brand's message for you. Get these filters for your own brand today, and have your audience engaged with your content like never before.

We have curated just the perfect list of the most popular and our go-to filters that you need to save right away! And if you are a marketeer or have a brand, you need to go through this list at least once.

idk.nk by @memeq_

If you’re someone who prefers a natural fresh look on your face, this is the right choice for you! It just brightens up the subject so as to give you and your surroundings just the right amount of saturation.

Works best when:

  • You fancy an overall natural appearance

  • You want feel-good colors and more saturation

soft-blur by @tentangstories

This one definitely stands out on our list! You have to agree that sometimes hazy pictures are actually the best. If you’re in a hurry and just want to click a fun picture, this filter will give you a soft blur to smoothen your skin and surroundings.

Works best when:

  • You don’t want a high-quality picture

  • You want to experiment with something different

  • You don’t want vibrant colours


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mood by @rvnnnnnnn_

If you want to capture moments and remember the exact day and time it happened, this is it for you. Not too vibrant, it gives your photographs an aesthetic look alongwith an option of including the exact day and time when it was captured. It appears on top of the picture and gives it a wholesome look.

Works best when:

  • You want to upload a quick story of an event

  • You do not want any additional editing or captions

  • You want a subtle click

frames+ by @alivia49

If you want to go old-school, this is the filter for you. It clicks your picture in a polaroid format. And who doesn’t love polaroids? It gives your photographs an aesthetic dark appearance: just the right amount of perfect to make your moments memorable.

Works best when:

  • You want polaroid format

  • You want to keep it low-key and not too loud

  • You want to soften the colour vibrancy

Disco glam by @demiandrou

If you want effortless aesthetics and glamour in your photograph, go for this one! It’s warm, simple, and gives you tiny sparkles alongwith a pinkish hue all over.

Works best when:

  • You want a very warm glamorous look

  • You want to experiment with aesthetics

  • Sparkle adds the cherry on the top


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Glitter on White by @janmahavan

Sometimes it’s better to go loud and glittery than choosing subtlety. Besides, glitter can never go out of fashion, right? So, this one just adds an extra pinch of glitter on all the highlights of your picture.

Works best when:

  • You want to highlight your features

  • You like all things glitter!

Old Film by @pritesh_1511

It’s never too new to go old-school! As the name suggests, this one makes your picture look really vintage and old. It adds a black blurry border around your picture so as to increase depth and focus and make it look all worn-out.

Works best when:

  • You want a low-key vintage look

  • You want darker colors

  • You prefer your aesthetics in an old-school way

Purple Aesthetic by @houseoffilters

If you are a firm believer in lighter aesthetics, this is for you. It adds tiny amounts of grain all over your picture so as to give it a purple aesthetic look.

Works best when:

  • You want grain and dust all over your picture

  • You want to effortlessly make your picture look aesthetic


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Bedelau by @rita.nurmaliza

This one is really low-key and not very fancy. It gives you a soft blush on your cheeks while adding grain all over. It has to be my personal favorite.

Works best when:

  • You want a soft blush

  • You do not want anything too fancy or loud

Sunkissed by @windy2.0

How many times has it been that you practically went out of your way to get sun-kissed pictures? For we know that those really are the best. This filter has got you covered. It increases color vibrancy and makes it look like that you’ve just bathed yourself in the Sun.

Works best when:

  • You want to increase color vibrancy

  • You want an overall brightening picture

  • You want it to be sun-kissed, literally!

What are you waiting for, then? Go check out these filters if you haven't already, and contact us if you want to organically take your brand to the next level - achieving 10s of millions of impressions!


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