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Top 10 Instagram Game Filters: They Key to Growing Your Brand Organically

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Are you one of those brands that haven't started using this major marketing technique yet?

Instagram AR filters are a great way to grow your brand right now, organically, through virality and network effect - making it the buzz and thrill of all things Social Media Marketing.

You can have Instagram filters for your own brand and share them on your stories, highlights, and reels! Your followers will use your filters themselves and then share it with their audience. Your followers will become your brand ambassadors, thus giving you 10s of millions of impressions and 5x engagement.


Don't believe us?

500+ million people use Instagram stories & reels, thus making Instagram filters have a 450%+ higher engagement rate over traditional branding.

However, most of the brands haven't had a chance to work with social media AR yet, and so understanding and launching your own Instagram filters and measuring the ROI can be a challenge.


Why Gaming Filters?

Instagram game filters are the most exciting feature of the app! And the best part is that, unlike other gaming apps or software, they are all absolutely free. If you are stuck at one of those awkward parties or just want to play around on the gram: game filters do the trick all the time.

And why just restrict it to fun?

If you are a professional content creator or marketer, coming up with game filters for your venture is the next best thing. Just acquaint yourself with some of the top game filters already out there that we have listed below, and then you can go on creating many more of your own.


Harry Potter Game by @dini_kivi_xoxo

Are you a Potterhead? Then, this is a must-try for you. Dodge Voldemort and other villains to be the greatest wizard in the history of magic! Your phone screen is your personal Hogwarts and our little Harry, the center of all your mystical energy.


Some Instagram filters have received as many as 125 million+ impressions and 11 million+ clicks. Let us get on a free consultation call to discuss that secret branding formula that no one out there is aware of yet.


Khiza Game by @khiza_13

This one emits Temple Run vibes except it gives you really cool background music while you’re playing the game. Keep collecting diamonds and avoid all the barricades and you’ll be good to go. Keep a track of the score appearing right on your forehead!

Electricity Game by @korobov_denis

Ready? Go! Haha, remember one of those tunnel bouncing ball games we played as kids? Say hi to its 2021 Instagram version. Just keep moving your head in the direction of the ball and you’ll get through. A word of caution: you’ll be struck by electricity if you fail so you better not lose focus!

Food Game 01 by @robertobrendo

This game filter allows you to eat as much food as possible, quite literally. And the more you eat, the more you score, how cool is that! And don't miss out on any burgers or pizzas, we don't want you to starve now, do we? However, don’t blame us if you actually get hungry after playing this.

Good kisser? by

This one’s really popular these days! As the name suggests, the filter gives you a percentage of how much of a good kisser really are you. Hah, sounds exciting, right? Don’t worry, even we got it right at the 4th attempt, so don’t take it too seriously.


Your brand could get 2x the amount of leads using an Instagram filter. Don't want to miss out on millions of impressions for your brand? Let's get on a free consultation call.


Guess The Show by @swachchatoyaaaaaaaaa

Do you know all things Netflix? Yayy, this is it for you, binge-watcher. This filter gives you famous one-liners from your favorite series and shows, and you have to guess the name of the show. Easy, right? What are you waiting for? Go save it, right away!

Guess The Gibberish by @gibberish_official

You may have already across this one but we had to add this to our list! And if you haven’t yet, what world are you living in? Try and keep up with us here or we would be really disappointed.

So, as you must have guessed, you have to decode the gibberish and come up with proper sentences instead. For instance, “veer off mess sing oat” implies “fear of missing out”! And the moment when you crack it, it feels like you have actually cracked the code of the world’s greatest treasure, yay!

Question Game by @bumble

If you’re really bored and want to live up to your slam book fantasies, this is the game for you. Bumble came up with this filter so that you can answer random questions about yourself. After using the filter, share the story with your friends and they might get to know you just a little more. For instance, what’s your go-to comfort food? Well, I don’t know about you but for me, it's definitely Maggi.

Truth Questions Game by @dareapp

Truth and Dare never gets old. Period. Answer fun questions/ regrets/ events and let everyone know all about your misadventures. Hah, have fun with this one, and do let us know your confessions, shush!

Flappy Fish Game by @mixaill_s

Okay, this has to top my list of the funniest game filters out there! You just have to keep moving your head and avoid bumping into any of the pillars. The fun part is that it’s your face that appears in the body of a fish and I personally think it’s hilarious.


So, what are you waiting for? Come out of your traditional gaming zone and experiment with the world of Instagram game filters. Do let us know your personal favorite. In fact, you can come up with your own top 10 and mail it to us. We’ll feature it in the upcoming blogs if we really really like it.

And if you are a brand marketer, you don't want to miss out on millions of impressions and 5x engagement now, do you? Don't overthink this one, give us a call right now!


About the author:

Annanya is a Literature student at Lady Shri Ram. With writing and content creation being her passion, she's also an avid reader and takes delight in constructive debates on almost anything and everything, including politics, philosophy, feminism, and mental health. She has worked with 12+ brands and publications and has bylines in TOI, Live Wire, AIESEC, and DU Beat. You can reach out to her via email, Instagram, Twitter.

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