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Top 6 Ad Campaigns of 2021: Sentiments-in-making

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Using videos to launch and market your brand is arguably one of the best marketing techniques out there.

Are you making this common mistake that most marketers make? Your brand needs focused and targeted marketing.

Videos are shared 1,200% more than text and links combined. Thus, ad campaigns represent what your brand stands for at its core, in a way far more effective than any other medium ever could.

While people are spending much less time in front of a TV, they’re watching more YouTube than ever before. Moreover, More than 40% of digital consumers use social networks to research new brands or products.

Thus, the right combination of words, stills, and imagery - all linked together in a video - can stimulate a sentiment within people’s minds, thus helping them identify your brand with a particular feeling or sentiment.


How does it work?

Varied ways to go about it and certain game-changers but one purpose: to compel you to create and market, something that doesn’t solely belong to you but everybody out there! Somebody who shares the same needs, interests, and passions. It’s not a hustle game, rather a conscious attempt at consistent creation. A will to witness and catalyse change. A longing to leave your own mark amid the triviality of things.

Now, these ads become the reason people miss your brand when you’re gone: it helps them establish connections, hopes, and possibilities.


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See it for yourself!

We have curated the top advertisements of 2021 for you which swept us off our feet. And if you're a marketer, this is a must-read for you!

1) #BerokZindagi Campaign by Cipla

This one strikes just the right chord with the audience. The ad successfully manages to create the right kind of awareness about asthma and inhalers being the one-stop solution to it. As Ayushmann puts it, "asthma ke liye, inhalers hain sahi".

Ayushmann Khurana remains at the forefront, especially with the launch of his film on this very issue. The choice of the face is not only far-reaching but also effective in Ayushman's relatable demeanour.

2) The Story Gets Better by Dunzo #TheStoryGetsBetter

Although released in 2020, this one continued to win hearts in 2021 as well. The 3-D animation gives you the much-needed fairytale ending and reinforces our faith in the fact that ultimately, there really is light at the end of the tunnel of what we refer to as a pandemic.

The protagonist's struggle through the lockdown, and living away from his loved ones resonated with the maximum audience, and therefore, the ad went on to receive some of the most esteemed marketing awards.

Sentiment: that's all that matters. Your audience may not resonate with anything in the world but just how your content made them feel, how it resonated with them on a deeper level.


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3. Swiggy Uncle by Swiggy India

This one perfectly tackles the problem of stereotypes and body shaming in India. We see our "Gulab Jamun uncle" getting sick of being called that until one day he orders from Swiggy, and his life, instantly changes. "Swiggy uncle" went on to become the official face of a lot of such ad campaigns by Swiggy, including the one where it collaborated with Kwality Walls.

4. Poo's Pregnancy Glow by Lux

Women have always been subjected to stringent stereotypes, and unexplainable biases. This ad very efficiently not only markets Lux's brand in breaking such taboos, when it comes to pregnant women, but also normalises conversations around pregnancy, in general. Thus, if a woman chooses to work or stay at home: it is her choice alone, and in no world should she be judged for that.

Again, the ad resonates with not only the larger female audience but also encourages the male audience to come forward and take the onus of initiating conversations around it.


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5. Pampers #ItTakes2​: A Father's Promise

"Just being called a father is not enough.. I've to become one": Pampers India manages to capture just the perfect sentiment with this one. Breaking stereotypes, the ad talks about how the two parents are equally responsible for taking care of a child. It is and never should be a mother's responsibility alone.

Studies show that babies need their Papa as much as they need their Mumma. In fact, babies who benefit from equal parenting, actually grow up happier and more secure: With this intention in mind, the ad goes on to create and normalise unpopular discourses in the country.

6. #SpeedSeBadho​ with India's fastest 4G

We have all felt the rush of online meetings and assignments. This one manages to capture that exact sentiment, clubbed with some age-old tongue twisters because who doesn't relate to "khadak singh ke khadakne see khadakti hai khidkiyan?"

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So, what are you waiting for?

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About the author:

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