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Why do you think Video Marketers are keeping video content short?

Updated: Jan 28

Why is Video Content gaining traction?

When compared to traditional post material, video content is getting a lot of traction, owing to the fact that video content requires more time to comprehend. According to human psychology, if something is shown in the form of text and it is of sufficient length, we tend to skip reading because we believe it is time-consuming.

However, when it comes to video content, we as humans are very interested in what the person is saying in the video, and because it is a short form of content, viewers can check the timeline and enjoy the content.

If the content is not understandable, they watch it over and over and it gets good impressions, and it automatically gets more traction than the normal post.

Video content has a better engagement rate than blog posts, and it also ranks higher in search results.

7 Essential video marketing statistics -

1. A video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by as much as 80%.

2. Video has helped 83% of video marketers to increase the average time their visitors spend on the page.

3. Marketers who use video to generate income are 49% faster than non-video users.

4. 87% of video marketers are happy with the ROI on their social media video marketing efforts, while 93% of marketers who utilise video feel it's a key element of their strategy.

5. When viewers see a video, they recall 95% of the material, compared to only 10% when reading it in prose.

6. Over the last three years, 86% of businesses have used video as a marketing tool, up from 63%

7. Every week, 78% of people watch online videos, and 55% watch them every day. 54% of customers say they want to see more video content this year.

Know Why short-form video should be a part of your content strategy too?

We discovered that short-form content is the second most effective trend currently being used by marketers.

More than 31% of worldwide marketers are investing in short-form video content, with 46% believing the strategy is effective in terms of performance and engagement. And, by 2022, 89% of worldwide marketers expect to maintain or expand their investment in it.

Majorly long-form videos are made to tell a lot of detailed information about the product, brand or any service, this majorly works for B2B and B2C but as compared to short firm videos, it created the most significant effect on the consumer.

Short-form videos not only require less bandwidth to produce, but they also fit nicely with the fast-paced attention spans of internet audiences of all demographics. This is most likely why TikTok, Reels, and, in prior years, Snapchat, have seen rapid development and marketing interest.

In comparison to YouTube, TikTok streamlined what it takes to be a video maker. The next inflexion point will be the introduction of one-touch creative experiences and templates that will significantly simplify video creation while cutting the time it takes to create content by a factor of ten. This will help to broaden the pool of talent capable of producing excellent content.

Short video apps must be very original and progress beyond replicating TikTok, as it was 18 months ago, in order to evolve content into new and unique regions that can keep viewers' interest. Even though India is no longer a market for TikTok, the app has continued to evolve. Local apps that have attempted to imitate TikTok, on the other hand, have been locked in outmoded material and capabilities.

Platforms that are unable to keep up with or even define emerging trends are unlikely to catch the interest of consumers on a large scale. Product innovation, more than any other factor, will determine whether platforms will achieve huge success.

Short-form videos will grow in popularity as more individuals use them to express their thoughts, opinions, ideas, product reviews, and suggestions, among other things. The most successful of these platforms will also serve as large-scale platforms for social commerce.

Platforms you can use to publish these short videos

Some platforms which you should be aware of, and should publish short-form video content:

1. YouTube Shorts

2. Twitch

3. Instagram Reels

4. Triller

5. Vimeo

6. Daily Motion

7. Byte


9. Metacafe


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