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We believe that storytelling is the universal currency of existence. OWLED is a tribute to the fact a story can change the world. A story that a young kid repeated to himself, is now India’s fastest growing Creative Agency.

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Ayush found a passion for online content creation and technology at the age of 11 and created his first video at 13.


Throughout the next decade, he developed his experience with over 1100 videos created and collaborating with over 85 brands and has put his expertise in entrepreneurship, video production & marketing strategies at the forefront of everything he has created.


Ayush has also travelled around the world with many major companies to personally cover and capture content.

Beyond his fascination in business and entrepreneurship, he also hosts a podcast CNTC - for college students, along with creating value adding content on Instagram & YouTube.


Ayush Was recently awarded as the creator of the most watched video of Incredible India - Ministry of Tourism, India.

With a millennial perspective, and a wealth of experience in the industry, he is always ready to discuss creative collaborations with a sustainable future focused marketing strategy.

Read more about Ayush's story, here.


Ayush Wadhwa

Founder & Creative Director