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OWLED Tech develops immersive AR experiences, Instagram Filters & Snapchat Lenses for brands & agencies.

Get Millions*of views for now, dollars later

We've built filters for

Blink to avoid the obstacles and keep your armour intact to get a top score.

Tag your family and friends and thank them for being there for you.

Play Never Have I Ever with Groww for the Appraisal Season.

Check out how good your skin can look if you follow a proper skincare routine.

Guess the lipstick shade from the emojis within 5 seconds.

Tilt your head left or right to guess the correct answer to questions based on compound interest.

Tilt your head to select options and get a customised cosmetic product that suits you best!

This is what it's like to be an OWLer!

Enter our a world of our Diwali celebration by scanning a QR code

Scan the QR code on the card, and get a mystery box that will reveal which OWL you are!

Point your camera anywhere to place the 3 dancing OWLs and find your personality

Collect Estee Lauder cosmetics while you avoid dirt and oil.

Tilt your head left or right to find out which Slay coffee is for you!

Control the owl and help it collect OWLED coins on its journey.

Tilt your head left and right to catch the as many dialogue boxes as you can!

The famous chrome no

Guess the M.A.C products with the emojis within 5 seconds.

Blink rapidly to pull the slingshot and help CASHe reach the finish line.

Play an interesting quiz about the Indian Premier League and test your knowledge.

Tilt your head to select the right answer to these IPL questions.

Show your cyborg version with robotic effects around your eyes and face.

Tilt your head to select options based on the care you desire, and get a customised product.

A filter for the Olympics with the rings in the background, and an encouraging message.

Move your head left and right to move a basket to catch the good products and avoid the skulls.

Creating ice and fire with unique visual effects.

Check out yourself in a Lego format! How would you like it if you were made up of Lego blocks?

Blink to make the little guy with the cute pink dog hat jump, while having a super Mario like experience!

Masterpieces by famous artists like Michelangelo, Picasso, Van Gogh appear around your face.

Your eyes get coloured in red, change the desings of your eyeballs, and have a hypnotic aura emitting from them.

Tilt your head to choose between the correct answers to these Independence Day questions! Can you answer them all?

*of views for now, dollars later

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