We helped Dezerv to create a campaign with Ad films produced by us that communicated the message of investing and wealth management. Our goal was to make these Ads light-hearted so as to make the brand look more humane and authentic.


OWLED Media teamed up with Dezerv to emphasize the importance of treating wealth management with the same diligence as health. Inspired by "What gets measured gets managed," our campaign draws parallels between tracking health metrics and managing investments. We produced three humorous films: one showing daily step tracking, another highlighting water intake goals, and a third delivering a direct P2C message. Each film underscores how Dezerv simplifies wealth management, making it as rewarding as maintaining good health. By making wealth management relatable and essential, Dezerv positions itself as the go-to platform for effective investment tracking. This campaign entertains and educates, driving home the message that taking your wealth as seriously as your health is key to financial success.

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